Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. General on the game

1.1. Wakabet Sport betting is a registered trademark of Triventure Investments Limited ( herein after referred to as "Wakabet" ), a company incorporated under the laws of Tanzania and with registered address is: Ohio Street, 606, Block 39, Plot 778, P.O.BOX: 76421 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

1.2. Wakabet is authorized and regulated by the Tanzania Gaming Board under the Gaming Act, Act No. 04 of 2003, License Number 00526.

1.3. This agreement establishes the Terms and Conditions of use for the contractual relationship between Wakabet and you as a Player.You are required to accept these Terms and Conditions when registering for an account with Wakabet.Also for users who play in Wakabet without being registered will be subject to these Terms and Conditions of use. You are subject to these Terms and Conditions throughout the existence of the relationship.

1.4. These terms apply to the game through all means available by Wakabet (Web and mobile APP)

1.5. Wakabet reserves the right to refuse registration / participation without being obliged to provide any reason.

1.6. All winnings will be subject to the applicable game tax deduction at a rate of 20% of the amount won that is required by the Tanzanian government.

1.7. The use of the services and media offered by Wakabet (mobile, web, ...), should only be used for personal use in the making of bets on events and never for any purpose other than this

2. Change in the terms of use

2.1 Wakabet may modify these Terms and Conditions at any time for any reason and will be treated by the means available inform that these Terms and Conditions have been modified (described in section 2.2), although it is their responsibility to verify if these Terms and Conditions have undergone some modification.

2.2 Wakabet will notify the changes of the Terms and Conditions through the following means:

  • Sending email to the email address specified by you.
  • Send notification to mobile app.
  • Another means that Wakabet deems appropriate.

2.3 In the event that, due to possible changes to the Terms and Conditions, you do not wish to continue to use Wakabet services, you may withdraw unencumbered funds without penalty and close the account by sending an email to: info@wakabet.co.tz, to that effect.

3. Account opening

3.1. To open a account, you must be of legal age and you must register personally. Wakabet reserves the right to request the age of any client and suspend their account until satisfactory documentation is provided. The customer name MUST be the same as the name used when registering on Wakabet and must correspond with the registered mobile phone number

3.2. In the event of a minor client being discovered at any time during the term of the account, the account will be closed and all funds deposited in the account will be forfeited.

3.3. By creating an account and using our services, you confirm that at any time that:

   3.3.1. are over 18 years old;

   3.3.2. are legally able to enter into a binding contract;

   3.3.3. are in a jurisdiction in which it is lawful to open an account with us and use our services;

   3.3.4. are the person who claims to be on your register, who is providing accurate, current and complete information and who will quickly update the information you provide when you change;

   3.3.5. are not prohibited for any reason to bet with us or to use our services and has not been excluded by third parties, including the Game Board of Tanzania, of the game;

   3.3.6. By registering at Wakabet either through our website, you have accepted the notification service. You will receive notifications from time to time about various games and other promotions.

3.4. You agree to these Terms and Conditions at all times and agree to:

   3.4.1. not act in the interest of a third party;

   3.4.2. not to use money illegally obtained;

   3.4.3. do not use bank / credit card / credit accounts that are not 2.3.4. authorized to use;

   3.4.4. not to alter the code of any of our platforms nor to pirate it for the purpose of cheating or manipulating the system, or to commit any crime;

   3.4.5. do not cheat;

3.5. Each client must open only one account. If we identify a customer with more than one account, we reserve the right to close these accounts.

3.6. It is your responsibility to ensure that your login information is kept secure. If you suspect that your login information is no longer secure, you must change your password immediately. If at any time your account is accessed and used by a third person without your prior consent, Wakabet is not responsible for any consequences that may occur.

3.7. You will not be able to do business for account transfers. In the face of such conduct Wakabet reserves the right to confiscate the funds and close the account.

3.8. In case of breach of one or more of the rules of the Account as mentioned throughout the section, Wakabet reserves the right to close its account and confiscate the available funds. The contractual obligations will be respected unless there is any breach of any of the Terms and Conditions on your part or breach of any international law and the laws of Tanzania.

4. Deposits, transfers and withdrawals

4.1. To make a deposit the phone number that makes the deposit must be the same as the mobile phone number of the account registered in Wakabet, if this is not the case the deposit will be rejected. Any charges charged by payment gateways of mobile operators will be deducted from the player's account.

4.2. They only have to make deposits in the portfolio if it intends to place bets with such deposited amount. If it is detected that you are using the platform to make deposits for other purposes, Wakabet reserves the right to close the account and to confiscate the deposits.

4.3. At any time, you can log in to your account and view a listing of all transactions made, deposits, bonuses, winnings, bets and withdrawals. If you notice any errors, you must notify Wakabet immediately by means of a written or electronic notice. Such anomaly, once confirmed, will be rectified by Wakabet in the shortest possible time at no cost to you.

4.4. You can withdraw your money from your Wakabet account at all times if computer systems are available at that time. There are checks and checks that will be carried out before the withdrawal request is processed once you complete this step you will receive your money in your account of your mobile operator.

4.5. There are limitations per day that are established in the following link: Bet Limits

4.6 Accepting these Terms and Conditions, means you confirm Reading and acceptation all of them between the limits specified in the link section 4.5.

4.7. You are responsible for playing only from Tanzanian territory, reserving the right to close and requisition your account.

4.8. Wakabet is not responsible and you are solely responsible for acting under the laws of the game from the jurisdiction in which it is located and Wakabet reserves the right to close the account or disable it as long as it deems appropriate if there are indications that you are failing some law.

4.9. If Wakabet gives you a bonus for the first deposit or for any other campaign, Wakabet can hold you the same amount in your wallet that has been given to you. This money only can be used for betting purpose and not withdrawal

5. Betting Rules and Type of bets

5.1. The rules of all games and their different types of bets are defined in the following link: Rules & How to play. Accepting these terms is confirming that you have read those rules of play and therefore agree with them.

6. Bonuses

6.1. The bonuses granted by Wakabet are not money available in the portfolio but it is an element with which you can make a bet whose amount coincides with the amount of the bonus.

6.2. These bonuses may have an expiration date and after that date you can not claim to be able to play with that Bonus.

6.3. Wakabet reserves the right to modify or remove any Bonus at any time.

7. Privacy Policy

7.1. The privacy policy is defined in the following link: Privacy Policy, and accepting these Terms and Conditions you accept that you have read and agree with it

8. Computer failures

8.1. Although a contingency plan is in place for services to be always available, Wakabet can not ensure that there are no outages.

8.2. In turn it can happen that for maintenance tasks the page is not available for a limited time, to carry out these maintenance.

9. Intellectual Property Rights

9.1. All logos, software and other services included in the different Wakabet media are owned by Wakabet or its owners and therefore can not be used for any purpose that benefits you personally.

10. Responsible Game

10.1 Wakabet recommends using our services with responsibility.

10.2 Following next link, you can know how to use Wakabet with responsibility, accepting you reed and understood this information. Responsible Game.

11. Complaints

11.1. If you have a complaint you can contact our customer care and / or send a message from the following link: Contact Us

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