Promotions Wakabet

Promotions Wakabet

1. Bonus Multiple Bets

This promotion means that Wakabet distributes more money than its competitors, since for us the first thing is to satisfy our users.

To get for this promotion your winning tickets must meet the following characteristics.

  • Make the tickets from the Wallet
  • Minimum number of bets: 5
  • Minimum odd on the ticket: 1.2

How is my bonus calculated? , We show you a calculation table:

Number of bets

Percentage Bonus

5 - 7


8 - 10


11 - 15


More than 16 bets


NOTE: The limit for maximum bonus is TZS 50,000 for all cases.

2. 100% First Bet Bonus

Wakabet returns your first bet with us as a bonus. Nobody gives more than Wakabet

This offer is available to all customers over 18 who have not yet deposited and played with Wakabet.

How does it work? For example, if you register in Wakabet and make a deposit and a bet of TZS 4,000 you will get a bonus with 100% of the bet, that is, a bonus of other TZS 4,000.

The conditions for 100% First Bet Bonus are:

  • You must make a first bet with WakaWallet of TZS 2,000.00 or higher.
  • The maximum bonus for free bet is TZS 4,000. If you make a first bet over TZS 4,000, the bonus will be only TZS 4,000
  • The first bet must be made with a minimum odd of 2.0 per match.
  • The minimum number of bets must be 3 per ticket.
  • The free bet bonus can only be spent on bets with a minimum odds of 4.0 per match
  • The free bet bonus can only be spentwith minimum number of 2 bets per ticket
  • The free bet will be granted to the user just at the beginning of the last match that makes up the first ticket.
  • The bonus will be valid for 7 days, if it is not used in that period, the free bet will not be redeemable.
  • The 100% First Bet bonus only can be use once time per customer.
  • Wakabet reserves the right to retain, restrict or eliminate this offer to those users who abuse on this promotion at their own discretion and without previous notice.

3. Cash out

Cash out is a promotion specially designed so that our customers have more control over the tickets in Wakabet.

Are you worried that a player has been injured just before starting the game ?, do not worry this functionality allows you to withdraw your ticket before the game starts. Wakabet will charge a commission of 10% on the profits until the time of withdrawal.

Cash out conditions are:

  • Pay the tickets with WakaWallet
  • Minimum winning bets: 2
  • Minimum odds of winning bets: 1.5
  • Withdraw the ticket 10 minutes before the next match starts.

4. Invite friends

With Wakabet you can refer as many friends as you wish and benefit with a TZS 500 free bet with their first bet.

There is no limit of bonuses you can get. The more friends you refer the more bonuses you can get in your account and more probabilities of winning prizes. There is no cap of referrals!!!

This process is very simple. Please following next instructions to get your bonuses:

1.- Signup at Wakabet. It's free and will only take a few seconds. If you have already an account you can Login with your username/phone and password.

2.- Go to your Invite friends page.

3.- Copy your your personal link (red square) and send to all your friends via SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+, Instagram, and others. Once your friend signup at Wakabet and makes first deposit, both will receive a free TZS 500 bonus ready to be applied.

4.- That's all.

Signup    Login    Invite friends

The conditions of the friend bonus are:

  • The guest user must make a ticket from the Wallet of 2,000.00 or over.
  • The guest user's ticket must have a minimum of 1 bets
  • The guest user's ticket must have a minimum odd of 2 per bet.
  • The bonus will be valid for 7 days, if it’s not used in that period; the free bet will not be redeemable.
  • The limit of friendly bonuses per day is: 2 bonuses

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